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Retro Tuesday #12

Retro Tuesday 12


Let's begin with a fresh discovery ! His name is Future Feelings, he's from Mexico and he's good ! Do not hesitate to be a fan on Facebook ! He released his Odyssey EP, between space-disco and funk. Here are my two favorite tracks. 



80s Stallone, what a amazing name ! I let you discover his universe of synth and 80's sound with "Summer Lovers". Close your eyes, imagine you're on the beach and Sylvester is bringing you a nice cocktail. Nice isn't it ? 



New remix from our friend Sferro guys ! He will make you love Usher for sure. Here is "Climax" remixed by Sferro. In case you didn't read it, we did an interview with him few months ago.



A new production from Todd Terje is always a good news ! Here is his last remix for Bepu N'Gali,  9:37 minutes of pleasure. Groovy and tribal !



Last song : The new Flight Facilities, a house bomb we really waited for ! What a vocal by Grovesnor. Enjoy